Bug cloning Sales Orders

I just upgraded to the latest version of manager today. In previous version when I cloned either a purchase order or a sales order, I just clicked the clone option and my new exact order was produced with the current date. Now I use Clone and the date does not update .

Am I doing something wrong? Upgrades shouldn’t be more difficult than prior versions.

What you describe is the result of a change introduced quite some time (many versions) ago in response to complaints from users. Cloning behavior was somewhat inconsistent across the program. Now, it has been standardized. When you clone a transaction, everything is cloned, making an exact copy of the source, with one exception. The exception is that the reference field follows whatever is set for that transaction type under Form Defaults. This is done to accommodate jurisdictions where sequential numbering is mandatory.

See https://forum.manager.io/t/clone-transactions-and-reports/24890.

As a result of the change, many users are happier. Businesses that send out similar sales invoices to multiple customers, for example, can clone one several times and change only the customer’s name, even if it takes them several days to prepare all the invoices.