Breaking down bank credit entries

Hi , can anybody help i need to break up bank credits in to cash , cheque’s , members payments ect so i need the able to have a list of headers to place the amounts in , how can this be done

use custom fields which can then be used to categorize, sort and search.

@Andrew_Gilder, you need to furnish more information about what you are trying to do. A credit posted to a bank account means money has left the business. What exactly are you referring to when you say you need to break up credits?

Have you read the Guides about adding bank and cash accounts and recording receipts and payments?

Hi Tut,
our club banks income from the bar , subscriptions, renting out pasture for farming ect , the money that is banked and appears as cash and cheques then should be portioned out to those individual headings bar ect , so at the AGM the members know
a break down of the income . the imported statement has the gross amount , which is in payments and receipts ,and i have accounts in there to allocate the funds but can’t divide the total deposit into them

Hi , i did manage to work it out just open up another line and process the amount in there .