Billable time in P&L

How do I get the billable time off my P&L
I would like to include it with my sales figure

Read this Guide: Before you have invoiced it, billable time shows up in Billable time - movement, which can be thought of as work in progress. In accrual basis accounting, this is a form of revenue because you have earned the money. After it’s been invoiced, it shows up in Billable time - invoiced. Both are income accounts. The distinction is only whether the time has been invoiced and is therefore represented in Accounts receivable, too.

You can’t if you are using the Billable Time tab for recording transactions.
The Billable Time accounts are control accounts which are embedded with that tab’s usage.
You can’t re-direct Billable Time transactions to an alternate income account.

Reading @Brucanna’s reply causes me to realize there are two interpretations possible for your question. Do you mean (1) how do get the number from your P&L to include with your other sales or (2) how do you remove the billable time account from your P&L?

My response answered #1. @Brucanna’s answered #2.

If #1, you could, if its important to you, create a Sales Income group and assign the Billable time - invoiced account to it along with other sales accounts. That way you’ll have a group total.

So I can not just have billable time and sales as 1 total.
I think I tried your #1 create a group but it still shows as 2 amounts on the P&L or have I done something wrong
I went in to chart - new group I called it income1 and then I went into sales and put it to that and then put billable time to that as well thinking that it would just show up as the one total

Correct, they will always be separate unless you do all “sales” by either Billable Time or Sales Invoice.

No you haven’t done anything wrong.

No, but it will show as a sub-total that is separate from any other income accounts.