Billable expenses (when)

Are we any closer to seeing this module? April has passed! (see an earlier post about time and materials work). :smile:

I’m working on billable time again which will include billable expenses too. Check again in 2 weeks. There should be a lot more functionality available, probably billable expenses too.

Thanks, Lubos, your software is great!

I cant find the Billable Expense module, and that is very important for us.
That is core business for us.
Your software looks very wellll, I am using it now for 3 days. I will continue testing and probably I will use it in 2015. But the expense which I have to bill to my customers is very important.

Hello Lubos,

first thank you for such great software.

I am currently searching for a offline time/expenses + invoicing software (currently using Harvest, but would like to move away from cloud solution) and also very interested in billable expenses. Could you please give us any release date (if this will be released at all)?


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@lubos @amsterdam @greylisted does someone has a idea about the billable expense module?

:frowning: still no respons

See Billable expenses implementation for update.