Billable Expenses | showing Id not invoice number

when I create Billable expense and change the Status to Invoiced I can select Invoice without any problem


but when I want to update it, it has a problem with showing invoice number in invoice select list, it’ll show Id of invoice not invoice number.

Why are you doing this? If you invoice billable expenses correctly from the Customers tab, status and associated invoice number are assigned automatically. See this Guide: Invoice billable expenses | Manager

Already I’m using uninvoiced col. in Customer tab, but I saw this small bug and I wanted to mention it for fix in later version because it’s easy to fix and make teh Manager more stable even this is not have any effect.

What version are you using? I cannot reproduce this.

Version 19.9.2

Try updating. My comment was based on v19.9.3.

same in v19.9.3

What happens if you delete the hexadecimal string? (Make sure you know which invoice should be there first.) And does this happen on any other billable expense?

When I delete it, then I select an invoice it’s show invoice # even sometime I do not have any sale invoice but it show invoice # , so I think the problem is,the select list return an invoice invoice # even that invoice not available…
another this some time works well after some test same problem occur.

Another problem, If you create Billable Expense but amount is equal to 0 or empty in the tabe of Billable expense show 2 but inside that tabe return empty

Another Problem if you give 0 in unit price then Account Name does not display in the Expense Claims

@wanco, it seems you are doing everything you can to misuse the program. Billable expenses of zero are not expenses. An expense claim for zero is not a claim. You say you have invoices, but your Sales Invoices tab shows you don’t.

By design, Manager suppresses transactions of zero amounts. Put in realistic transactions and you will find the program works as described in the Guides.