Be able to hide app features that are not used anymore

Can we hear @lubos opinion in this discussion?

This feature seems to be required by more than one person and with no response from the supervisors.

That is your interpretation is not related to anything I wrote, maybe you can point it out where I made such statement?

Because none was offered, the statement was an open ended one, ie “This opinion could include pointing out that it is of lesser priority than other ideas.” does not require the posting of any other idea as it is hypothetical, i.e. it “could”.

I am not aware of any so called “supervisors” on this forum, we have moderators. @Tut is one of the few moderators and serves also as kind of filter for deciding if something becomes an idea or not. People like him are trusted by the developer to filter posts in the forum.

I’m pretty sure Lubos reads almost all posts in this forum, being his baby, and if he is keen on an idea, he himself will put it in ideas category and override moderators.
If however it doesn’t make it to ideas or there is no comment from him then that would indicate he is in fact not so keen. Don’t think long discussions will change that.


Whatever, I still believe it a relevant feature, in accordance with the philosophy of the program. I still believe that the devs should do the judge.

Btw, do you have any forum post that backs your point? My own point is backed up from the existence of “disabled” in the program.

You’re right it does’t relate to anything you wrote, because it is describing what Patch said. Then you defended his freedom of speech, and I said that he is only complaining and didn’t showed that he understood my point.

Even if he did, being negative about an Idea someone has, and promoting your needs is considered by me as a topic hijacking.

Again, I was talking about Patch’s claims about missing core functionality. I asked him if he can provide a link, and obviously he didn’t.

Please read more carefully, unless I did something wrong with my writing… :slight_smile: no hard feelings here.

Me neither, but the man is in vacation (as I know of) and 19 hours to log (probably he logs only for emergencies), so he hasn’t seen this. The ultimate truth is that if an idea fits into his vision, it will make i the app.

Here is one: Manager Navigation Feedback. See the developer’s responses. There are others you should be able to find yourself.

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Thanks for the link.

I read @lubos replies and some of the points made there. Thankfully no one there thought of deactivating some tabs (they would be available back to customization link), would be a solution with no side effects, with zero changes to the UI. @dalacor probably missed that, but has the same problem with me.

So I guess this idea, is a reply missing from that closed topic. Unfortunately I don’t have more time to spend on this idea.

The dirty solution I’ve found is to make a user with no access to what I don’t use.

I pray for the poor users of the desktop version… no one told them that creating a single document 3 years ago in a tab, would be like marriage without a chance of divorce… :kissing_heart:

Imo it would degrade the Manager user interface because:

  • Managers functionality changes when tabs are opened. It has widespread effects on program behaviour else where. The program design enables users of a business which does not need particular functionality, to not have to learn about that functionality at all. However users are still sometimes confused by the different program behaviour. Adding a further state (on, off, disabled) would increase user confusion.

  • A consistent user interface enables operators to learn by reflex to look where a feature belongs when they want to use it. A consistent user interface enhances ease of use and reduces user support costs.

  • The tab change suggested in this thread does not address other users concerns on optimal tab layout for them. The issue as I understand it is the optimal layout varies with how a business uses Manager (screen size/resolution, number of modules/tabs activated).

@AntonisV your a clearly an intelligent person and I would like to be able to have constructive discussions with you, however if that is to happen then we must both allow the other to have a different opinion. You have directed many responses at me, I have not responded as that would be off topic and distract from discussion on your OP.

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It doesn’t have to be on, off , disabled. Only ‘On’ or ‘off’, but be able to be off without erasing the docs and transactions.

Totally wrong, take a look at this:

I was in the point “a” then I got to the point “b”, but I wnt to return to the point “a” because it’s much more easy to navigate through my day to day business.

But it will stay consistent. I am not saing to change anything, I just want to go to customization and disable some tabs.

Manager lets me do it in the first place, but when I am pressing “update” it returns to the previous state. Take a look:

Notice that, when I uncheck the tabs and update, they return and there is a small bug: the style of the tabs is now bigger and they fill all the screen. Also as you can see in the video, they remain unchecked even though they appear.

So in the end I don’t believe there is any inconsistency, just the user deactivated some tabs, the same way he in the first place enabled them. Where’s the problem?

I am sorry for putting up your name too many times. It was because I wanted to explain to Eko that I wasn’t talking about him. The truth is I was afraid that you 'll take it the wrong way. Fortunately you didn’t, and stayed on the topic. thanks for that.

In Conclusion,
There are two groups of users on this topic- one who supports the idea (Including me ) and other who does not support the idea.
Supporters are -
And me
We are saying this idea will lead to simplicity of user interface and makes it easy to use software.
Non-Supporters are-
They are saying this will lead to Confusion to many users as how the tabs containing data are hidden.

All other users are silent on this topic.
So, we have to wait for @lubos decision. If he likes the idea he will add it to #ideas Category and if he dislikes the idea he will close the topic.

So, i want to request all the users to stop the discussion here and wait for @lubos decision.

I did not post anything in relation to whatever @Patch wrote. I made general observations related to your posts. Please point out where I did in any of my posts, i.e. #'s 12, 15, 29, 30, and 31.

Please point out where I expressed any support or no support for the idea. I was making an observation about how we should be free to discuss items on this forum.

Ok, I give you that. You were strongly making a point that anyone can have the freedom to talk and

This was a response to my:

Then I said that

My main point was that he is not talking to the point, meaning he is off topic. Ok?

So if someone respond to a specific topic with some random ideas that have nothing to do with the topic, then I have all the right to say:

So the man returned and gave a nice response on topic. Maybe I putted it with a hard tone, sometimes written words can be hard without intention.

I don’t know how to explain it. This conversation is getting also out of topic, the topic isn’t about freedom of opinion. I support that, but in a structured forum there are rules.

Sorry I misunderstood what you’ve said.

add ‘dalacor’ to the supporters, you can edit your post, even if the topic is closed.

People seem to have expressed their ideas and positions. We are not voting. And the discussion has strayed far from the issue. So I am closing the topic.