Batch import account names

I am trying to import using batch create (in this case non-inventory items, but I think my question applies generally) but am not able to get the account set (everything is ‘suspense’).
How do I specify the account fields properly?

First you should export a template of the information you want to import so you can align the data correctly. If the export doesn’t contain account fields, then they can’t be batch created either,

Only manual entry will work.

I am able to batch create (in this case non-inventory items) but even though I set “SaleAccount” and “PurchaseAccount” fields (as per the template) these accounts end up as “Suspense” in all cases.
The problem is probably that I don’t specify the account names properly but I do not know what I am doing incorrectly.

I have 3 accounts that I wish to use: “Membership”, “Merchandise Sales” and “Merchandise Costs”

All account names are unique.

Make sure you have setup the same accounts in your chart of accounts too.

If you do an export template which includes those account names, then delete those non-inventory items and then do a batch create using that same export - what happens to the account then ?

I have done this twice with the same result (sign of insanity? :slight_smile:

If the accounts are part of group/subgroup does this require the group membership to be specified along with the account name? eg “Membership” is "Income -> RWFL Income -> Membership

Could be that, but I can’t suggest how that connection could be presented within the batch if its not being illustrated in the export template…

What if you de-select them from the group, make them uncategorised and see what occurs

Excellent suggestion - will try and report on result!

No luck, still Suspense

Ok, limited to manual amendment