Batch create invoice with tons of items using Excel

Hi, I was able to create invoices using excel like the image below. However it is no longer doable in the new version, may I know where can I download the old version of the manager?
Old ver Manager: 1 Cell multiple items.

New ver Manager: there’s no field to input item code

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The new method is described by the developer in the following post

Hi @Ealfardan , thanks for your reply
guess I can’t continue to use it as I have over 50 items in 1 invoice… would be a disaster to create so many columns for it…
I also noted there’s no field for item code, meaning everything goes to GL account?

Choosing an item preselects the account. But there is no account named as the general ledger account. The general ledger is where transactions are posted. It includes all accounts.

It’s Lines.1.Item but not all fields show by default in batch create. However, if you add a column named Lines.1.Item it should work nonetheless.

If you use Batch update to copy your largest invoice to an excel spreadsheet and delete the “Key” column (usually the last column) this can then be used as a template to Batch create invoices with many lines.

Alright thanks, gotta create another python script to fill the columns painlessly…

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Thank you for the info, I’ll take a look on it.