BAS worksheet

Hi all,

I’ve just been hit up for my BAS and I’ve printed off the worksheet that Manager generates, it seems to not include any of my purchases made during the period I’m reporting in? I’ve got plenty of purchases that fall within these dates, and they seem to be correctly entered.

I’m new to business, never used MYOB or anything, so I’m not sure if I’ve entered everything correctly or not. Is there anyone in Melbourne that uses Manager that would be willing to do a tutoring session with me or an accountant that someone could recommend to make sure I’m using correctly? I feel like the program is fine, but I’m not good enough to know when something is wrong, and this ignorance might be about to rear up and bite me on the ass lol.

I am happy to pay for services rendered. I’m a pretty small, simple and new (started August) business, so someone could probably do my whole system history in about an hour or less lol.

Thanks for anyone who’s got an answer.



Sorry, this forum doesn’t serve as a marketplace.

If you are looking for someone in Melbourne to help you with your bookkeeping, it’s better to reach out to FlyingSolo forums where there are many Aussie bookkeepers offering their services. See Flying Solo Forums

Have you allocated tax to your purchase Invoices ?
Why don’t you post a screenshot of a Purchase Invoice Edit screen

Thanks lubos! Sorry, I wasn’t aware of Flying Solo. I joined after reading this and started getting a few answers through there.