BAS Fuel Tax Credits

Is there any chance of incorporating ‘Fuel Tax Credits’ into the system. I currently need to handle it by Journal which is not ideal.

This will require tax codes to support new calculation method which is fixed amount per unit rather than percentage of the total amount. I’m planning to add this sometime this year so once added, Manager will be calculating fuel tax credits as you go (just like GST)

Hi Lubos,

Was the per unit tax thingy executed? As, in the country I operate has per unit tax scheme against the commonly used percentage basis.

The approach for tax codes of applying a fixed amount per unit to the quantity on a line item was not implemented. However, you can create a 100% custom tax code and enter the tax as a separate line item. Enter the number of units in the quantity field and the fixed amount of tax in the unit price field. Apply the custom 100% tax code to that line. See Create and use tax codes | Manager.