Bank Statement import failing

I cannot import my bank statement from BBT into manager. This is a change in the last month. Having looked at the QFX file, the change in the file is that line that is indicated by the FITID which used to have numbers in them no longer have a number. Is this lack of a FITID number the reason I get a " Length cannot be less than zero. Parameter name:length" response from Manager?

Possibly. I am not an expert on .QFX formats, but financial exchange file formats in general usually allow some latitude in what institutions put into various fields. The institutions, though, then take this flexibility too far, sometimes making their files unusable by others. I recommend contacting BBT’s IT department and asking them why they made the change.

In the interim, if BBT offers any other export formats, give those a try.

The FITID is defined as follows in theOFX specifications -

3.2.3 Financial Institution Transaction ID
Format: A-255
An FI (or its Service Provider) assigns an to uniquely identify a financial transaction that can appear in an account statement. Its primary purpose is to allow a client to detect duplicate responses. Open Financial Exchange intends for use in statement download applications, where every transaction (not just those that are client-originated or server-originated) requires a unique ID.
An also uniquely identifies the closing statement in and . Again, the OFX client should detect repeated closing statements (duplicate downloads) using these identifiers.
FITIDs must be unique within the scope of an account but need not be sequential or even increasing. Clients should be aware that FITIDs are not unique across FIs. If a client performs the same type of request within the same scope at two different FIs, clients will need to use FI + + as a globally unique key in a client database. That is, the value must be unique within the account and Financial Institution (independent of the service provider).
Note: Although the specification allows FITIDs of up to 255 characters, client performance may significantly improve if servers use fewer characters. It is recommended that servers use 32 characters or fewer.
For example: The two spawned payments mentioned in section 3.2.1 are processed and later downloaded in a . The first payment’s would list 8765:4321, 1234:5678, and 9999:8888:7777. The second payment would be described in a containing 8765:4322, 1234:5678, and 6666:5555:4444.
Usage: Bank statement download, investment statement download

Just talked to the bank. They have a known issue with the quicken downloads and it is supposed to be fixed tonight. Thank you both for the responses. PS, TUT tried the csv and it worked.