Bank Rules for PayPal based on Contact?

I am new to Manager, and I have imported PayPal transactions via CSV. I have several payments and subscriptions for different expense categories that come out each month, but they’re all “Pre-approved payment” as the description. So when I try to create a Bank Rule, it would lump them all into one category. Is there a way to categorise based on Contact, i.e. Dropbox, Shopify, etc? Or do I create a Bank Rule to automatically sort them all into one category and then recode from there?

I have found a work-around by editing the CSV file before importing it to add the Contact info to the Description (“Pre-approved payment-Dropbox International Unlimited Company”) which then allows me to create a Bank Rule for these transactions. that’s certainly manageable in terms of my personal workload by making a macro for it in Excel, and considering how fast it is to use Manager once imported, but I’m just checking I haven’t missed something simpler in Manager! Thanks.

The alternative is to use “Batch create”. The easiest way to understand the required format is look a a “Batch update” for representative records which are the same except for the “Key” field containing the record UUID
See Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions

which is best to use is personal preference