Bank rules. Can description and column description changes be added?

In the future, would it be possible to have the bank rules change the description to a custom description, and maybe add ability to set the column description for line items?

Something similar to this?


your suggestion has already been categorized as an idea for future improvements.
any update regarding the implementation of the same will be announced on the topic by the developer.

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Added to the latest version (22.1.7)


Thank you. This will help out a lot!
Would it be possible to also have the bank rules change the “Main” description to a custom description as well?

like… if description not blank then description = new description.

I use the main description for a summary of the entire transaction (something searchable),
and the item description to describe the individual item.

If only the item description is changed, the item description can not be searched for on the payments or receipts tabs.

Bank rule added item description “HP Workstation computer”.

Searched for “computer” on purchase tab. No results.

Added “Computer” to main description by editing the transaction.

Now the transaction can be searched for.

Hope this helps…

@Tallen, let me explain why that could be a problem. Suppose you own an apartment building with 10 apartments and receive the same monthly rent from all tenants on the first of every month. But the receipts include amounts for actual rent, a fixed utility assessment, and parking space rental. You routinely make a single deposit to your bank account with all checks. But your receipt rule recognizes the deposit and allocates to multiple income accounts, such as Rent, Utilities and Parking.

You might enter a summary description as “November receipts.” But your line descriptions might be Rent for 101, Utilities for 206, and Parking for 105, and you set those multiple lines up in the receipt rule. If you substitute the summary description, you have lost the detail for the breakdown of the individual receipts from tenants.

Reading through it again, my example was probably not the best.

I would not set bank rules for items like you have described. I think that bank rules should be used more for fixed cost/ fixed category transactions. I would mainly use them for payments.

For instance, every month we make a payment to our internet provider.
if I set the bank rule below, i would still not be able to search for internet in my payments.
even if I set the item description.

However, if it were possible to set the main description through bank rules as well, then I would end up with a transaction like this:

Would it not be be better for the description column under payments to have something more meaningful for each transaction? Instead of seeing this…

I would rather see something like this:

I think it would still be advantageous to have the option to also have the bank rules change the “Main” description to a custom description as well.

You may think that, and that may be how you use them. But others might use them differently. Fixed receipt content is just as common as fixed payment content.

You gave an example of a payment, but your rule is a receipt rule.

Many users would consider the information furnished by the bank, which might contain opposing bank information, recipient name, and confirmation number, to be more meaningful than a generic label like “Internet bill.”

Automatic changes are dangerous. You run the risk of losing important information without realizing it was there.

@Tallen the issue you are trying to solve in Receipts and Payments tab is not exclusive to these tabs only. Something similar needs to be done for other tabs too. And that is already in ideas.

Could you add downloaded bank data to its own “uneditable” description field instead of putting it into the transaction description field?

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