Bank Reconciliations now become unreconciled

Hi all, I logged on today to find that my bank reconciliations (from October 2019) were unreconciled. Was there an update that corrupted the file?

Similarly, my physical cash reconciliation resulted in the following errors:

What do you mean by “physical cash reconciliation?” There is no such thing in Manager for cash accounts, only bank reconciliations for bank accounts.

Hi tut, apologies. What I mean is bank reconciliations for bank accounts. I named it physical cash. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

I can duplicate this and have moved the topic to the bugs category. @lubos, it is hard to know with certainty after the fact, but it looks like some previously cleared transactions may be showing as pending after updating to 20.8.6.

Fixed in the latest version (20.8.8)

Hi Lubos and Tut, thank you for fixing it! Appreciate the assistance!