Bank reconciliation

Hi Guys,

I am facing an issue with the bank reconciliation part.
The system is not detecting any inter account transfer. Hence if there is a movement from one back to another or to my cash account it is not detecting.

how do i solve this as it is showing not reconciled?

the bank reconciliation process in Manager does not involve detecting any transactions. it is just a process where you match the statement balance by entering the correct amount manually to keep Manager and your actual bank balance in sync.
if you are facing some other issue, please post relevant screenshots to understand better.

I am aware of tht. The balance in my bank statement and manager from the 27th of August 2019 to 28th August 2019 is tally with my bank statement, hence this pops up and when i check which transaction is not showing in the list bellow, I found out the it is the inter account transfer that i have made.
so how do i go about this?

This is a more clear view.

the missing lines are the 2 inter account transfer that I have made.

you have not shown any information regarding your Inter Account Transfers.
also, you have not shown what the actual bank balance was as on 28th August and what amount you had entered for bank reconciliation.
please understand that forum users cannot provide help if you are just showing the issue without providing necessary details regarding the cause of issue.