Bank Reconciliation Screen Blank

I hope someone can help me. I somehow deleted a pathway to the reconciliation screen for a my individual bank accounts. When I click on the discrepancy amount to reconcile a statement, I get a blank screen that looks like this:

Bank Reconciliations / Bank Reconciliation – Transactions

Everything after the initial Bank Reconciliations is greyed out. I think a step in the pathway is missing between the first Bank Reconciliations and the second Bank Reconciliation.

Can someone tell me how to recover this pathway short of re-loading the entire Manager software? I hesitate to t=do that because I don’t know how to restore the files that I backed up. My MacBook Pro can’t find the application, even though it is in my Applications folder.

I am not a technical person, so I don’t know how to write code.

Thank you to anyone who can help me!

It is not clear what you mean by this. What “reconciliation screen?”

What edition (desktop, server, or cloud) and version number are you using?

You are just looking at “breadcrumbs” that show the links you followed to arrive at the page you are viewing. Think of this as a miniature browser history. In this case, the breadcrumbs show that you clicked on the Bank Reconciliations tab, then a bank reconciliation, then arrived at the Transactions page by clicking on the discrepancy. All that is normal.

No, because there is no missing “pathway” to recover.

What you should see after clicking on a non-zero discrepancy figure is something like this:

The details will vary depending on what Manager found in terms of errors. You only described the breadcrumbs, not anything that came after. Can you post a screen shot of whatever you see after clicking on the discrepancy? More importantly, can you follow whatever instructions appeared in your case?

You do not have to. Update your software following this Guide: Your data files are not in the program itself. They are stored separately in your application data folder and are called by the program when needed. See As described in that Guide, the files are hidden on your Mac.

What do you mean by this? If the application shows in your Applications folder, your Mac knows where it is. There is nothing to find. Are you referring to finding your business data file? Techniques for doing that are in the Guide I linked above. But you don’t need to find it unless you plan to do something with it. Backups should be made to somewhere else. And you don’t need to do anything with your data file before updating your version of Manager.

I am using the desktop version 20.2.1 for Mac. This is how I get to the problem:

I click on the Bank Reconciliations tab → I click on New Bank Reconciliation → I create a reconciliation with a new balance → I click on the Discrepancy amount in the row for that account.

Here’s a screen shot of what I see at that point. It is totally blank. I cannot input the deposits and withdrawals to reconcile the account. No dropdown menus, buttons, or fields appear.

First, update your software. You are several hundred versions behind. Since that version was released, there have been many changes that could affect bank reconciliations. The Guides and my answers may not make sense on your older version. Follow the instructions in the first Guide I linked to in my earlier post.

Second, see if you still have whatever problem you think you have. If you do, go to the Bank Reconciliations tab and post a screen shot of the list that appears. It should look something like this, possibly with more rows:

Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 1.15.07 PM

Where we go next will depend on what that screen shot shows.

Hi Tut,

I figured out the problem. It was a wrong date, which created two reconciliations ending on the same date. I changed the date and the missing fields magically appeared. Sorry for the trouble. It was as simple as that.

I’m curious. How did you find the problem? And what “fields” appeared, and where?