Bank reconciliation issue

This is all foreign to me! I messed up the reconciliation and need help fixing or deleting it! I also need to add Income Subgroups but they aren’t appearing in my receive/spend money.

If you want to delete a reconciliation report, navigate through Reports >> Bank Reconciliation Statement >> “Specific Statement Involved” >> Edit >> Delete. You can’t “fix” the report itself; you must fix underlying transactions.

Only individual accounts appear as options for spending and receiving money, not groups. Some accounts, like Accounts receivable, are control accounts and offer subaccount options when selected.

If you are having reconciliation problems, your difficulty likely lies with uncleared deposits or payments. Make sure you read the Guides starting at

under Income I want to add another category. Same under expenses.

These are not “categories,” @Alexandra_Morris. These are accounts. Add them under Settings >> Chart of Accounts. This is mentioned in the Guides at

I did…they aren’t showing up where they need to be though.

Where do you think they are supposed to be? Your screen shot shows exactly what you have created. Your only asset account is your bank account. You have no liability accounts. Your only equity account is the default Retained earnings.

You have three income and two expense accounts. I suspect what concerns you is that LiveScan doesn’t show as an income account in the dropdown list of your first posted screen shot. To know why, I would have to see a screen shot of the Edit screen for that account. But I suspect you created LiveScan as a Group under Income rather than as an account. It won’t show as an account if it’s a Group.

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