Bank Recon Trading name

@lubos please adjust the bank recon trading name as in the setting business details instead being named same as the file name.

You can modify this by changing the business name, as opposed to the trading name. See the last section in this Guide: Name or rename a business | Manager.

@tut, I meant the financial report such as profit and loss statement and balance sheet shows what was set in the business details. while, bank recon statement inconsistently shows business data file

I assuming the data file can be named anything what I want not for presentation. while, in business details for presentation that will be showed in financial report.

I understood what you meant, @acecombat2. I was just telling you how you could change the heading.

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ok… I take it as temporary work around whenever I need to save it as pdf. Then I change it back.

Fixed in the latest version (19.2.35)

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