Bank charges display

Dear sirs

  1. I have made a NEFT PAYMENT to my supplier
    2, Fed data entry, with supplier, bank, bank charges

I noticed bank charges separated in SUMMARY
but not in bank ledger.
Why ???

Pls clarify


Please show the edit screens for the payment - is this recorded as one payment with multiple lines or multiple payments?

If it is one payment, then only one line will appear in the bank account display (if this is what you mean by “bank ledger” )

![Annotation 2020-06-24 234848|690x126](upload://qR5F5PsNTi

zA4kLNTt9rUR5prWt.p ng)


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Your bank transaction exactly matches your payment form. And, if you drill down on your CONSTRUCTION EXPENSES account, you will find 10,030 was posted there. Everything is exactly as it should be.