Bank account summary editing send me to a web page

I am using the desk top and a strange thing has happened I am doing a STD Bank account summary report. so when I view it and then click edit

it takes me to a page online
is this normal it also opens 3 other manager programes on my desktop.
When I edit the one on line and click update it does not update the desktop one

I closed all of manager and when I open that client nothing I have done all morning has saved including the bank statement import

I think you have confused yourself with multiple data files for the same business. Based on what you wrote in another thread yesterday, you are storing some of your files on Dropbox and sometimes opening files directly. Multiple instances of a data file can be confusing because changes made in one are not synchronized to others.

Your second screen shot shows that Manager is still open to the window for the business named Johnny. You just are not looking at it. Instead you have accessed a file by the same name—probably on Dropbox—through your Chrome browser.

Probably Tut. I really should get 2 screens but my desk is just not big enough