Bank account not showing the money received

I am creating a new cashbook. The bank account to which the monies will be received was created. However, when I receive the money and date it accordingly,

it gets cleared immediately thus showing the bank balance a zero even though there are monies received. please clarify what I am doing wrong.

Looks like your date is wrong. If you set “Start date” under settings, all cleared bank transactions must be entered after your start date.

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@Lugaju, you may be misinterpreting terminology in the program. Cleared does not refer to removing the transaction in any way. Cleared means the transaction has been processed by the bank so it would show on a statement.

I understand you are just beginning to set up your records, but the left navigation pane shows you are not using most of the tabs. You can disable the ones you will not be using for convenience by clicking on Customize at the bottom of the list.