@Ehab this was explained by @Lubos that you quoted and is shown in the screenshot he added.

Thanks, I was using the Arabic language and for some reason, it didn’t work until I used the English language.

if I want to use it, then I should translate it from English to Arabic, from Reverse sings to عكس الإشارة and that how it’s working!!

@may why did you change base currency for Bahrain from 3 decimals to 2 decimals? Should be 3 decimals or am I missing something?


Yes, that’s not right.

The decimals are 3.

Also, Bahraini Dinar has no symbol. The د.ب. is just the acronym of the currency name in Arabic, much like BHD in English.

This د.ب. should be reserved for Arabic Language localization only because it looks unprofessional when used in English documents.

@Ealfardan if you consider VAT Return Form done, you can mark it Published.



Effective from Jan 1, 2022 the rate of VAT will increase from 5% to 10%