Back up install

Good day’

I had to uninstall my Manager and re install due to power surges the programme was damaged
but now when i try importing the business from a back up it says the file type is incorrect.
please help

make sure you are doing everything exactly as per the guide

what file are you trying to import? where is this file located? you need to provide screenshots and more details so that other users can help.

I am trying to import a backup file. It is on my external hardrive

Probably not an answer, but things to check:

  • make sure you are using the latest version of the software. It’s possible you are running an older version than the version you used to initially create the file. Maybe you had multiple downloads and you’ve selected an older one on this occasion. Just check.
  • (I don’t really think this is correct, as you would get “file not found” instead of “invalid format”, but) that filename includes unicode. Try renaming the backup file and see if you can open that instead.
  • do you have older backups you could try? If you can open older backups, then perhaps that particular backup is corrupt?

Good luck