Back button in the latest version is not working


Back button in the latest version (18.5.4) is not working

Need to post a little bit more information than that - what back button on which screen?

A screenshot would help to better identify the problem

back button in server edition. which will be on top left corner of the screen on manager software.

there is only 1 back button in manager software.

If it’s in server version, it might be because of the way the server was installed or other parameters on the server. I have no expertise in this area, sorry.

Back button in Manager simply does javascript:window.history.back();

I assume it would work across all web-browsers. What is your web-browser if it’s not working?

Im using latest chrome web browser.
windows 10 - everything updated.

make sure you have javascripts enabled in your browser.

Try a different browser. Many problems have been reported with Chrome.

Working fine for me on 18.5.5, Server Edition, Google Chrome.

You could try temporarily disabling any extensions that you have installed - especially Ad blockers - to see if that resolves the issue.