ATO tax payments in suspense

I just installed localisation reports PAYG, Single Touch and TPAR.

One of these reports has thrown all my ATO payments & receipts into suspense from 2014 to present day

Running version 20.2.0 and no issues prior to these reports being imported

I have not created a report from these reports as yet. Current BAS report for Q2 is looks ok

I have looked at both payments and receipts to ATO and all have been allocated to Tax Payable in Liabilities side of my Chart of Accounts so I am at a loss as to why this has happened

Check that all your tax codes under Settings are assigned to your Tax payable liability account. The recent change with increased flexibility to assign tax liability accounts probably left your recently imported localizations unassigned.

Hi Tut,
Thank you so much - nailed the issue in one!!!

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly

There was an article about this in the February newsletter.