Assigning Employees to Each Customer

Is there a way for the responsible employee to be assigned and show on the sales invoice?

I know I can set up custom fields, but that means editing the custom field every time we add an employee.

I want to be able to assign an employee to each customer on a permanent basis, from the employee files, and also show the name of the employee on the invoice

You could add the responsible employee’s name in the customer’s address field following a couple blank lines. It will then appear under the address on the sales invoice. But this would also appear any time the customer’s address is used. The entry would be editable on a sales invoice.

No, it doesn’t. A custom field on a sales invoice would have nothing to do with employees. If you want to implement your idea this way, you could simply create a field called Sales Representative. This field will appear at the bottom of the invoice, and whoever created the invoice would enter the salesperson’s name. The name would not follow the customer.

If you create custom fields within the customer’s file, you can also have that appear on the invoice, but only if you build a custom view template.

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Currently there is no data linking between Employees and Customers/Sales Invoices, however if you re-read @tut’s response there were some work around options provided.

In Customers you could include the employee’s name in the address panel after a couple of line spacing’s - then their name will appear on all Sales Invoices for that Customer.

In Customers you could create a custom field called Sale Representative where the Employee’s name could be entered, however for this to flow through to the Sales Invoice you would need to build a Sales Invoice custom view template.

On the Sales Invoice you could create a custom field called Sales Representative, this would appear as a blank panel at the bottom of the Sales Invoice where the Employee’s name could be entered.

PS: There is no need to put down a response, perhaps your post isn’t that easy to understand,.


Thanks for the answer. I guess the only thing I can do is create a custom filed as a drop down and keep adding employees.

I do have one question about the templates. Where are they? I created the drop down boxes, and then print properly on the invoices but I don’t like the placement and I can’t find anywhere on my computer where there are template files.

Under Settings >> View Templates. Be forewarned, however, that the example HTML code that comes up in the editor window is not the code used to generate the standard sales invoice. (The standard isn’t even written in HTML.) The example lacks many features, such as PAID IN FULL and OVERDUE stamps, listing of amounts credited, and so forth. So you will probably have to start from scratch if you want a fully functional sales invoice along with your custom features.

If I were you, I’d probably conclude the dropdown list is the easier approach. Of course, if you make sales reps responsible for generating their own invoices, I can pretty well promise they’ll never leave the custom field blank. :wink: