Another VAT question

I had some tax returns for VAT some time ago.
Do i need to use a journal for this, this would be proffit.
How do i enter this ?

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Can you please expand upon what you mean by this

Yes ofcourse.

When i buy items for my shop it is with vat included and when i sell also

bought 1000 EUR raw stones 21 % VAT = 210 VAT
Sold ART 1000 EUR 6 % VAT 60 EUR

In this case i paid more VAT than i need to pay 210 - 60 = 150 EUR.
I get this back from the tax office

But how do i register this.
150 EUR is added to the tax payable but on the other side of the balance it should be profit i think.
how do i register this ?

All vat transaction are within the balance sheet and are not related to profit & loss.

Your vat account has a debit balance of 150.
When you receive the refund - Receive Money with the account as Tax account.
Now the balance will be zero

The other side is increased bank account balance.