Amount classification

When in inventory, if one choose to classify items via amount, the classification is not done according to lots (numbers from the highest to the lowest) but is done according to letters (from a to z and from 1 to 9). Thus the ammounts that are 101 in lot appear above the ammounts that are 2 in lot.

That is correct. But you could pad numbers with some prefix, such as 2 should be renamed to 002 so it is shown before 101.

I think it should be altered to a number variable rather than a text variable, like everywhere else in the software. This prefix you suggest will not affect negative inventory and decimals!

Maybe I’ve misunderstood what you are doing. Not really sure what you mean by “if one choose to classify items via amount”. Can you show some screenshot?

Hope it’s not all greek to you! :smile:

As you can see in the amount section I have choose to classify the goods from the less to the mere. But it classifies them using the text variable rather than the number in the field.

There look at this screenshot. I have done a classification of all the invoices according to invoice number. Instead of going downwards it takes it from the start.
This is easy to say that if you put a 0 infront of all invoices problem will be solved, but these invoices are allready issued and given to the government.

This is a bigger problem with the warehouse, where one may use decimals and there could be negative inventory due to shortage of items.

OK, I can see what you are doing.

Yeah, the main issue is that some columns when being sorted are sorted by their textual representation rather than by number or amount.

I will need to improve this.