Amend cash in bank figure

Although i have used Manager for some time now, im trying to utilise if functions more.
The figure generated in"cash in bank" is no where near reality for some reason!
Is there any way to amend this to reflect reality ?

The figures only reflect what you have entered. If they do not give you the answer you expect then you must have entered them incorrectly.

Make sure you read the guides for the transactions you are entering (payments or receipts) so that you understand how to enter them correctly.

You need to give much more information about whaymt you have entered to get any meaningful help. Just saying Manager is not doing what I expect is far too vague for anyone to be able to help

Many thanks for your reply.
I didn’t say “it’s not doing what I expected “
I fully accept that it’s all down to what I’ve entered into the system.
What I’m saying is that I’m still learning and after using the Manager in a very simple way for the last two years, I’m trying to learn more.
My problem is probably what I entered at the very beginning and perhaps there may be a way to amend the figure as is in my bank now!
I will examine what may be in the system now to see if can learn where my mistakes are.
Thanks again

The only way to get a correct bank balance is to use the bank reconciliation feature which will enable you to verify the bank balance in Manager with the balance on a statement received from the bank.

This will highlight any erroneous and/or missing trabsactions

That’s brilliant!

Will try ASAP

Many thanks