Allocation Item

Hello Everyone,

I want to ask about tracking item that i have purchase. the full story are like this

I have a customer let just say customer A who want to buy 10 unit desktop PC about 200 so totally are 2000. I don’t have any pc at this time so I purchase it to supplier. Let say Supplier B, the gave me $150 for each unit so for totally 10 pc are $1500.

For Customer I use Sales Quote (for Quotation), Sales Order (for locking there request) and Sales Invoice

For Supplier I use Purchase Order & Purchase Invoice

I use copy to feature for all that form.

how do i define the item that i have purchase from supplier B were allocate for customer A

You cannot unless you enter such information in the Description field or a custom field that you create with the same label on all those forms. Manager considers all units of an inventory item to be interchangeable. It does not have the capability of telling one unit from any other.