Allocating payments to invoices

this subject may have been covered before, however, may I ask ,
when payments have been allocated to a specific invoice, either sales or purchases, once that invoice has been paid in full, can it be excluded from drop down choice list.

Yes, many times and no, but may be implemented in the future

In the meantime, to avoid the drop down you can process payments directly by going to the respective Sales / Purchases Invoices tab and clicking View next to the applicable invoice, then click the Money button at the top of screen. This will autofill the account line on the Money screen,

thanks i thought that be the case, its just that when a client has 30/40 bookings over time you have to scroll thru all the paid invoices first. It may also be worth someone looking into reversing the drop down list so that the newest is at the top.

You can avoid the scrolling if you enter the payments via the Sales or Purchases Invoice tabs.

But agree, reverse order would be the next best if previously paid can’t be dropped off.