Alignment in Purchase Order

Hi all. I’m not sure if I did it correctly. For Purchase Order, as I would like to put “Issue By” and “Acknowledge and Agree By” in the same line, I used   to put space in between both words. However, I realised that alignment of the words as shown in Manager software and the printout in “save to PDF” and “print to PDF” are all different as shown in the below picture. Is there any way to program the words on the same line but both aligned to extreme ends?

You did not explain how you are adding these elements to your purchase order. If you are using custom fields, see If you are using a custom theme, you are responsible for the programming yourself. This forum is not intended as an instructional resource for coding.

Thanks for your reply. I used html code for space and added spaces to make the words separated to left and right of the invoice. This is added in the custom field. I did not use any custom theme.

That is an awkward way to accomplish what you want. Manager is not a what-you-see-is-what-you-get program. Screen, PDF, and printed displays all rely on different rendering mechanisms because the program functions as a browser. The print display depends on your operating system, not the program at all. I see you did not read the Guide I linked to. You might find it helpful.