Alert message box


Is there a way, (or plans for) a Private Message Box to be set to appear (pop up) when transactions are created for predetermined Customers or Suppliers?

This would also be helpful to work as a reminder, when completing a transaction. Just an example: someone picking up a system, Invoice is created, and a pop up message (Alert) would reminder the operator that there are other components that go with the system.

I had this feature incorporated in a custom written software. The software itself didn’t work so good; but the Pop Up feature was nice.


Can you give me some specific example how was this used? For example, what was written in these reminders?


In my business, we has Baskets assigned to some work orders (maybe 20%). The baskets would have customer’s software CD, maybe some literature, parts to install, etc:. As the work order would progress to the Ready List, old parts that got replaced would also be put in the basket to give back to the customer.

There was a Field named Basket; if a basket number was entered, the box would pop up when the Invoice was created. Inovice is the last step, before collecting payment.

If the items in the basket were not given back to the customer when they picked up their system, it becomes an inconcenience for the customer to come back for it. it also becomes a hassel to keep up with it, and shelf space being used.

The pop up could be a simple message, such as “See Note”. A button that would bring up “Private Note” would be fine. Every business has those Not So Desirable customers; an alert to check out the Private Notes can be a life saver.


OK, this is quite different from what I thought.

However I’m planning to add popups and notes. Custom fields are already implemented. So in a few months, it might be possible to make this work using popups+custom fields or popups+notes.