Aging Report - Product wise

Dear Friends,

I need aging report product wise. For example i sell three products to a single customer. I just want to see total receivables of a single product. How is it possible?


Receivables are not related to products. They are related to invoice numbers. What difference does it make what product someone bought for which they may still owe money? What matters is that your invoice presented a demand for payment. From an accounting perspective, they owe for the invoice.

Thanks for the reply Tut. Our business has different segments. We follow profitability of each segments through tracking codes. Sometimes we need to reporting that how much sales invoices are pending for a particular product for a segment. So is there any other way we can get this?


You can’t do that by product, but you could do pending by segment. Produce the P&L report on both a Cash & Accrual basis using the tracking codes, the difference between the two totals represents the pending (unpaid).

Thanks Brucanna.