Aged Receivables customisation

Hi All
Is there a way to customize the date range in the ‘Aged Receivables’ Report

i.e: change the ‘1-30 days’ to ‘1-15 days’


Not currently, under custom reporting (when it arrives) you may.

Thanks mate

@brucanna, is this possible now?

@Premm, is this possible now

It is standard practice to work it in terms of Current, 30, 60, 90 days, etc.
However, if you have a collection policy rather than relying on the report for overdue amounts refer to the Invoicing Tab because that will show you what’s overdue if you have entered on each invoice a due date.

No It Is not. I think that with the full implementation of new Custom Reports and Report Transformation it will be possible. Don’t know how easy that will be…