After updating to newest release don't see email option for Sales Invoice

I updated my desktop edition the the latest release. I just created an invoice to send to my client and there is no email option. Just print option.

Just found what happened. I marked to use my default template (the one I used to use prior to the update) and with that option it doesn’t give me the option to print. But now What I need to know is how I change the: Quote number option on the Invoice to say: Receipt or in Spanish: “conduce”.

Please advise.

Quote number is translated to Spanish as “Número de presupuesto”

Why do you need it to say “conduce”?

Let me explain… I have no problem with the Quote Number in English what I am referring to is Under the new format in the Sales Invoice There is a box for the Quote Number which I do not need. I would like to change it to read :" Conduce" which is like the packing slip. If I go to the customize template for the Sales Invoice it appears at the bottom of the Invoice and I want/need it at the top with the Invoice number, PO # etc.

You cannot change the name of a built-in field. Manager will translate names according to the existing translation scheme. But you cannot just rename a field and use it for something else.