Advice on expense revalsal accounting

I need an advice on how would you automate this accounting under manager.

  1. I pay a certain quantity of expenses that I have to register under assets
  2. every end of quarter I need to split them proportionally between some customers based on a millesimal table.
  3. After the subdivision I should issue sales invoices to our clients. A part of the expenses can become an expense of my company, ie should not be invoiced to my client but should go to my P&L

Here are my needs:
a. having several categories of assets that are linked to different millesimal tables
b. storing millesimal tables under Manager
c. automating as much as possible the writings and, most of all, the issue of the invoices

Do you think that inventory items + inventory kits can work for my case? I would like to use something different just not to mix data with my real inventory…

That sounds like it could work, but how about the pricing? I couldn’t figure out how you can automate changes in prices.

I presume that you have tried using multiple customer dissection lines to Billable expenses for each purchase split by millesimal (percentage), with another line for the expense portion?