Admin Vs Restricted user

Below is the restricted user

Second image is Admin user

Kindly look the marked entry is made with “admin” user. which is not showing in the restricted used list.

Plz let me know how to fix this

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Please try to edit the receipt so that it is assigned a bank or cash account (Received in) as for the entry you show it is not yet done.

Not happening

On the user permissions have you included access to that GILS Cash Account? That seems to be the only difference I can see.

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Great, It works fine after I chose the bank details

Please edit your first post as this is not a bug, thanks

You needed to have done two things:

  1. Assign a bank or cash account to the receipt
  2. Give user permissions to the bank or cash account
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Done, Thanks for the great support

I have one more query,

Thanks, Having same issue but now able to make it work. Just choose the bank details and its working.