Address and VAT No. Change

  1. Last month i shifted to new address, i changed the same in Manager Software. After this all invoices(from day 1 on wards) changed to New address only. There is no Invoice with old address.

  2. Yesterday our state is divided into Two States, Because of this reason we got the New VAT No. So, the same(1st Point) thing happening here also.

How can I solve these issues?

This issue will be solved when multiple invoice template support is introduced. What happened is that you’ve changed address on invoice template and it has changed on all invoices.

Is this really a problem if address of your business has changed retrospectively on all invoices? This is standard behavior in most accounting packages.

Ok. Am not aware of this. But what about the VAT No.

The same what I wrote applies to VAT No. too.

When will this feature be available?

I will be working on it this month.