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Can I create a Collection Note Form or is there a way to change Delivery Note to accommodate both.

You cannot create your own transaction forms. The various transaction form types require hard-coded interactions with various portions of the program.

What purpose do you intend for your “collection note?” This phrase does not refer to any accounting transaction in general use that I know of. If you explain your use case, Manager may already include a method for accomplishing what you want.

You can change the title on a delivery note using a custom theme. See However, delivery notes interact with several functions in inventory management, and using them (no matter what they are titled) will still have the same impacts

Good day TUT.

Thank you for the explanation.

This is my “story”.

We collect machinery and equipment from clients, refurbish them an then return them to the client.

We must sign it out together with the company representative.

I just thought that I can include it into the systems and thereby keep the document format simple.

Now I have to use another program to do the collection notes.

I does not have to change anything on the Manager program.

I will have a look at your recommendation.

Thank you once again

Yours in Safety and Health

Herman Steyn

Have you considered including this information on a Sales quote or sales order. A custom field or custom theme maybe added if required.

Good Morning Patch.

Thanx for your input. Appreciate it.

Just to put it in context on how our system works.

We receive a RFQ.

We then have to collect the unit. (Collection note)

We then strip and quote. (Quote)

Obtain an order for repair.

Repair and deliver to client (Delivery Note together with Invoice)

Receive payment.

In the meantime I have started looking at changing the “Goods Received” document in changing that to suite the requirements.

I think with a few additions and changes, this will suite our requirements.


Yours in Safety and Health

Herman Steyn

Based on your work flow, I would generate two sales quotes. The first one could be retitled as a collection note without the need for a custom theme. After stripping, create another sales quote, leaving the title as a quote. The advantage is that sales quotes have no financial impact on anything, and until you generate a sales invoice, you actually have no accounting transaction to enter.

Both delivery notes and goods receipts are inappropriate for your workflow. The machinery is not your inventory. Both delivery notes and goods receipts pertain to inventory items. The machinery of customers you refurbish never belongs to you. Since it is never your asset, it cannot be your inventory. Using either a delivery note or goods receipt would require incorrect creation of inventory items and involve recording transactions that did not occur.

As a side note, please do not include personal information like your phone number on the forum.

Maybe you can use the “folder” module together with custom fields and a custom theme. The folder module is an “empty” module with is used just to attach files.