Adding us state sales tax to a receipt

I am a happy new user of Manager! Switching over from QuickBooks. Everything has been pretty easy until I tried to put sales tax on a cash receipt. I went over and made a 8.25% sales tax item, but it seems to add itself into the total and not on top of the total if that makes sense. I need for the tax to be added to the total and not part of the total. Does anyone have any suggestions?

You are describing the difference between entering a tax inclusive and tax exclusive price.
See this guide Choose between tax-exclusive and tax-inclusive prices

Btw reading through the entire table contents for the guides is likely to save you time overall.

Thank you so much for your reply, Patch. I have been reading over in that section, and it looks to be just what I was looking for, except there’s a broken link when I click on the “forms” settings. I figure that’s exactly what I need to know, but it’s not there. Have any thoughts on where I would go find that data?

This manual indeed needs updating as far as form defaults are concerned as they are now set directly rather than via settings.

If you click on the Receipts tab in Manager and scroll to the bottom of the page you will see:

Screenshot 2022-12-24 at 02.27.29

That’s awesome! Thank you!