Adding purchase quotes to Form Defaults

I cannot find Purchase quote in the Form Default to add a custom name.
How can I Change document name “Purchase Quote” to “Request for quotation” or “RFQ” ?

Change the title with a custom theme. There is a Guide describing how.

Why is “Purchase Quotes” is not listed in the “Form Defaults”? How can I adjust it to what I need? I managed making that with all other forms, but can’t make with “Purchase Quotes”.

The developer has not added it yet. If and when he does, that does not mean you will be able to change the title. You will still need a custom theme.

@manishkumarshivam, the topic is about purchase quotes, not sales quotes.

@Tut gotcha. my mistake on reading the discussions. well purchase quotes doesnt seem to be required.
no use cases. if so they need to explain before the developer team consider it.

Requests for quotations are very common in business. They can be sent to competing suppliers and, after receiving responses and making a choice of supplier, copied directly to purchase orders or purchase invoices.

Now that I am back at my desk, I am changing the title of this thread and adding it to the ideas category.

I think the name should be changed to “Request quotes” on tab and “Request for Quote” on document by default.

That is a matter of local usage. Generally, the program has named tabs with similar functions in sales and purchases with parallel titles. So, sales quotes—purchase quotes. If it bothers you, rename with a custom theme. No matter what it is, some users will want something else.

Added to the latest version (21.1.21)

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