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I’m still very new here, I run a non-profit org and I would like to know how do I add details of members that make regular(monthly) donations to my company ?

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Assuming the members have no equity interest in the organization, set them up as customers. See the Guide: Manager Cloud.

Hello Zenzele,

You can add them as a customer (as above). Then, when you import your bank statement you can set up bank rules (or, you can set them up in advance) to ensure the donations are automatically allocated to that customer.

You will then be able to print a statement of their donations, if you need to give them a list, from the reports tab.

If you also handle cash, you may want to read the following:

Setting them up as Customers would only work if they are sent (Sales) Invoices, if not then:

If they are making regular donations without any Invoicing then your only opportunity to track individual member activities is by the Special Accounts tab via a Liabilities Custom Control account which gets bulk transferred to the Income account at the end of each month.

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