Added new account but it does not show up

I have made an account called Rental property. This account is used to account for a rental property that we own. It is not part of our business.
I have imported a bank statement and it shows outgoing money for the rental property we own.
My problem is that when I try to modify the bank payment and label the expence as Rental Property, I am unable to find that account. I wish to put these outgoings into this account so we can isolate it from the business.
If I go back to the accounts screen it is there.
I have made several new accounts for other items that are part of our business but they also do not show up as options. The only options I can see are the default ones.
It is a tad confusing.
Thank you for any help in advance

Did you create that account as a New Account, or did you happen to create it as a New Group ?
If the account is in bold type, then it has been created as a New Group and doesn’t show in dropdowns.

Cheers for that. You were spot on :slight_smile:
all sorted now.

Yup! agree with @Brucanna. @bythecoast if you face any problem you have to google it if still you don’t get any ans then youtube it after all that you come on forum because every body not here all the time don’t mind.

forum is the first place to ask anything related to Manager. not google or youtube.
and there is always someone here to help.