Add tab, Individual line items, Expense Claim

Good evening! I would like to ask some questions regarding the accounting system.

  1. Is there a possibility that I can add a new tab in the left menu that is not included in the default and customized tab like Request for Payment tab? If yes, how is it done?

  2. Based on the guide, I can only add custom fields for individual line items in limited transaction forms. However, I would like to add custom fields for individual line items like Unit of Measurement in the Production Order . Is it possible?

  3. Is it possible to add Inventory write-on tab for the return of materials?

  4. In the Expense Claim tab, is it possible to place the Payee field on top or before the first Description tab?

I really appreciate your response!

Thank you very much.

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No. A sales invoice is a request for payment.

No. Units are designated when defining inventory items.

No. Returns of sold goods are handled as described here: If you are referring to adjustments to inventory, such as might happen after a physical count, that is a write-on. See

If you are referring to the entry page, it already is above the description. If you are referring to the completed document, you could create a custom theme. See Remember, though, that your business’ transaction is not with the payee, but with the expense claim payer. For expense claims, the payee is treated as though it were a custom field. In other words, it is nonessential information the program does not use for any purpose.