Add non-inventory cost into Inventory kit

would you please add non-inventory cost into inventory kit?

because we need some expenses to put the inventory items together and sell it as a combined item.

i hope you under stand what i mean.

For example - we have bread and cheese as inventory, but sauce and other ingredients as non inventory items.

This ability already exists. Inventory kits are independently priced from their components. If you sell Item A for X and Item B for Y, you do not have to sell the kit of A+B for X+Y. You can sell it for more or less.

So in your example of adding sauce and other ingredients to a kit of bread and cheese, just decide how much you want to add to the price of the kit to cover the non-inventory components.

can you show me examplese tut?
say, i want to i want to add .01 worth of salt and .02 worth of gas … etc to the food i am selling.

Suppose the price of the bread is .10 and the cheese is .2 then just set the price of the kit as .10+.20+.02+.01= .33

this can not be done automatically, if this is what you are looking for

@Deven, @Joe91 gave exactly the example I would have. Understand that it cannot be any more complex than this, because you have decided that salt and gas are not inventory items. Their purchase costs are posted to appropriate expense accounts, but Manager does not keep track of quantities on hand.

In a similar way, you could also advertise and sell cheese sandwiches for less than bread and cheese separately. You might do this hoping customers will come in because of your cheap cheese sandwiches, then buy a more profitable drink, too.