Add line question


When making quotes i need to add new lines often. The quotes we make are excisting of a lot of lines and in occasions i need to move empty lines up. When doing this in large quotes it’s taking a lot of time doing this one by one.

Is there a possibility to move multiple empty lines up in a single move?
Thanks in advance


You cannot do that.

But why are these empty lines there in the first place? How did they get there? And why would you want to move an empty line instead of deleting it?

He Tut, Thanks maybe I’m not clear enough.
When makening a quote you add descriptions or products in a empty line. While working on a quote you keep adding lines. When you however decide that you forgot to add something in the first part of your Quote and you want to add some products than you go to the bottom add a line (or 5 or 10) and then move them to the top of the quote one by one.

My question is can i use the “add a line” and then move the 5 or 10 lines up in one movement.

Hope this is clarifying it a bit.

Your explanation is now clear about what you want to do. But you can only move one line item at a time.