Add footer to expense claims

Our expense claims need to be printed, attached with the original receipts and require approval before they can be reimbursed.
Earlier with the availability of themes it was possible to affix the name of the approver and a placeholder for the seal and signature. However with themes going obsolete there is no way to do so. Kindly add a footer to the expense claims to facilitate the same or alternatively kindly bring back the themes which is one of the greatest feature of manager accounting.
Regards and appreciation.

Custom themes can still be used, even though considered obsolete. The developer has said they won’t be eliminated until there are suitable replacement features.

You don’t need a footer, nor did you need a custom theme in the first place. This can be done with custom fields. See the example in this Guide:

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Even though right now, custom fields and footers do appear similar, soon I will be adding support for dynamic content in footers. Then it will be more obvious when to use one or another.

Anyway, footers added to expense claims in the latest version (23.4.7)