Add Codes of Subaccounts to All Drill-Downs from Summary Page

All control Accounts Have Codes. I believe these codes should show in the summary page just like the account codes from COA show. This is to make it easy to identify accounts under these control Accounts. A school, for example, may have 2 students who have the same name ‘Rigby Mordecai’ (a very common thing in where I leave). You could easily identify these two accounts when you are in the customer tab but not inside the control account in the summary page (where codes don’t show) so you won’t be able to determine who is who, or which asset or inventory is which asset or inventory unless you return to the tab but not all users could have access to the tabs.

Also, I request that special account be given a code field and get them to show in the summary page inside their control accounts as suggested above.

Add the code to the name ?

The code will appear twice, for example when selecting a customer, with code 101 called Michael, you will see 101-101 Michael. And certain documents should not combine the two, e.g, a sales invoice should have the customer registered name and also customer code separately shown. Adding the two wouldn’t be cool for that.

They already do if you check the box to show codes under Edit on the Summary page. For example, these three asset accounts are all control accounts:

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 4.35.53 AM

Subsidiary accounts under control accounts do not show on the Summary page, so this suggestion does not seem to make sense. Your screen shot does not illustrate the Summary page, but rather a drill-down result. You seem to actually be suggesting that codes should show on drill-downs. If so, what you suggest is already available in some cases. For example, when inventory items have item codes, those codes show when drilling down on Inventory on hand from the Summary:

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 4.45.10 AM

As I said above, the subsidiary ledgers do not show on the Summary page. They do not show when drilling down on Accounts receivable or Accounts payable. But they are visible in the Customers and Suppliers tab listings.

That is true. But why would such restricted users be looking at the balance sheet side of the Summary page? They could not do anything by clicking on any customer or supplier balance there, even if codes were shown. However, if they have access to any tab where it matters, they will see the codes in relevant dropdown lists.

That is a separate issue. If they did have code fields, their codes would appear where needed as customer and supplier codes already do.

No, you would not, for the very reason you are requesting codes. The code field is not displayed, so a code incorporated into a name would only appear once.

Likewise, this would not be an issue, because customer codes are not shown on documents unless you create a custom theme specifically adding them.

In conclusion, I do not think you have justified this request well enough for it to become an idea. Can you provide more complete use cases? Also, remember that unique student identifiers can also be added as custom fields.

Yes I meant to display the codes for sub-accounts in a control account

I can make a user a limited user who doesn’t have access to the modules but has access to the summary page. This may be a senior employee who doesn’t have anything to do with data entry but wants financial performance and position updates

Yes, so it should be displayed for all relevant accounts in a control account, it would be an enhancement. For example, inventory items show their codes, why not the same for fixed and intangible assets and suppliers and customers?

I understand you though.

Such an employee would not see the subsidiary accounts/ledgers, because those subaccounts are not displayed in the Summary. If someone like this needs to look at individual students’ accounts, they should have access to view the Customers tab.

Let me clarify this, Im talking about drilling down into control accounts in the summary page. This is just for consistency sake. I don’t know if it would involve a lot of coding job but it would be good to get that showing from there.

Understood. I have modified the subject of this thread and added it to ideas.

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I’m not sure when this has been resolved but drilling-down already shows Code column when drilling-down from summary screen. So removing from ideas.