Add ability to set custom income account to inventory kits

How far is this issue (Allocation of Inventory items sold by Inventory Kits to Specific Income Account)? Is it yet resolved? I am in need of using inventory kits but their inability to show up in their specific income account hinders by reporting… If anyone has suggestion on how to work around on this, please assist…

Can your Sales Invoices have a mix of Inventory Kit Items + “normal” Inventory Items on them or are the Inventory Kit Items generally sold alone.

If your Inventory Kit Items are sold alone, then you could create a Sales Invoices custom field where a Inventory Kit indicator is entered and then these can be reported via the “Sales Invoice Totals by Custom Field” report

Nothing has been changed yet. For those who want to track performance of inventory kits, there is another problem though, that you should be aware of. There is a bug in computing inventory profitability, described in this bug report: Inventory Profit Margin report bug when Inventory Kits are sold. I suspect if you are trying to segregate income and expense by inventory kit you would also want to examine profitability by inventory kit. The bug report is about 6 months old, but @lubos has not addressed it yet.

The latest version (18.7.32) allows to set custom income account for inventory kits.

The calculation of profit margins on that report when inventory kits are involved is broken. I will probably disable the report if inventory kits are used so Manager doesn’t have this broken functionality until the report can be made compatible with inventory kits.